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Subscribe to the Rare Disease Database

Many public libraries, hospitals, schools, companies, and universities subscribe to NORD's Rare Disease Database (RDB). A subscription provides unlimited access to more than 1,200 rare disease reports in patient-friendly language.

Subscribers can access the database via password or IP address.  Each report covers symptoms, causes, affected population, and standard and investigational therapies. Each also includes a list of patient organizations and other helpful resources.  (You can view sample reports in the demo below.)

The cost of a password subscription is $450 per year. There is an additional $50 annual fee for subscribers who choose IP access (with an extra $25 for each additional IP address or range of addresses).

The reports in the database are copyrighted, and subscribers must agree not to alter the information in any way or to sell it to others. Subscribers may print individual reports for distribution to their members or clients as long as those reports clearly bear the NORD copyright notice, name, address, and website. (Our simple subscription agreement is included in the Demo)

For information about Web subscriptions, please contact us here. Subscriptions using the password/username option may be ordered online. For IP access subscriptions, please use this contact box and let us know what IP address or range of addresses you would like to use.

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