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Perspectives Network, Inc.

a/k/a: TPN


P. O. Box 121012
West Melbourne, FL 32912-1012



Email Address


The Perspectives Network, Inc., (TPN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and encouraging individual potential by providing various forums and opportunities wherein affected individuals, family members and friends, professionals and community members are encouraged to discuss issues relating to treatment, recovery, and reentry as well as creating positive changes following traumatic and acquired brain injury. Dena K. Taylor, a brain injury survivor, established TPN in 1990. The Perspectives Network provides information and education, but perhaps most importantly, it provides hope to those who survived a brain injury and to those who care for them. Educational materials include a quarterly magazine with an international circulation written by survivors, family members, and professionals; fact brochures; and a lending library and file archives containing books, videos, and topical articles. Program activities include peer communication networks for survivors, spouses, offspring, parents, and siblings; brain injury awareness workshops; support groups; and education.

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