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Erythromelalgia Association

a/k/a: TEA


200 Old Castle Lane
Wallingford, PA 19086





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The Erythromelalgia Association is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to providing emotional support for people with erythromelalgia (EM), funding research into the causes and treatments of EM, and increasing awareness of the rare disease EM and its symptoms among healthcare practitioners and the general public.Erythromelalgia is a rare vascular disorder characterized by episodes of sudden widening of certain blood vessels (paroxysmal vasodilatation), particularly affecting the skin of the feet and/or hands. Symptoms may include severe burning pain, redness, and/or increased skin temperature. Primary or familial erythromelalgia may be inherited as an autosomal dominant genetic trait. Erythromelalgia may also occur secondary to several other underlying disorders or due to the use of certain medications. Established in 1999 and currently consisting of approximately 500 members worldwide, the Erythromelalgia Association has several main objectives, including increasing awareness of erythromelalgia among healthcare professionals, affected individuals, family members, and the general public; providing emotional support to those diagnosed with the disorder; fostering communication among affected individuals and family members; and promoting research into the causes, effects, diagnosis, and treatment of erythromelalgia. The association is also committed to working closely with medical organizations that are currently involving in finding new treatments for erythromelalgia; stressing the need for special accommodations for affected individuals; and working to ensure the availability of information for those involved in finding treatments and potential cures for the disorder.

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